DPI 15/VoiceComputer and Windows 7?

Hey all –

The beautiful high-powered Lenovo Idea Pad my employer purchased (recommended in this forum) has been crashing, and I have to send it away for repair.

I want to set up a backup computer. I have an HP Pro book 4540S with Windows 7 and Dragon 11 on it. It doesn’t do exactly what I need it to do, so I’d like to upgrade with the software I have for my newer computer.


1. Can I install DPI 15 and VoiceComputer on this computer?

2. If DPI 15 won’t work, will VoiceComputer work at all with my Dragon 11?



HP Pro Book 4540s
Intel Core i3-3110M
CPU@2.40 GHz
64-bit operating system


DPI 15 will work better than any previous version of Dragon because it is less resource intensive. Your system is a Coreâ„¢ i3 3110M (Ivy Bridge) dual core with hyperthreading. The biggest issue that you might have with an older CPU would be RAM, but you have more than sufficient RAM (16 GB).

Be sure that you uninstall DNS 11 and run the DPG_DPI_15_Cleaner.exe which can be found at the following location:


Please carefully read all of the instructions before running the remove utility (DPG_DPI_15_Cleaner.exe). Note that this Dragon remove utility is perfectly backward-compatible with all previous versions of Dragon, including DNS 11.

Don't attempt to install DPI 15 over top of DNS 11.

Do create a new user profile.

Don't attempt to convert your previous version user profile (i.e., DNS 11). If you need to have access to your DNS 11 custom vocabulary and/or custom commands, export them from DNS 11 to a safe location before you uninstall DNS 11, and especially before you run the Dragon remove utility (DPG_DPI_15_Cleaner.exe).

VoiceComputer and DPI 15 will work just fine on your HP Pro book 4540S.

Thanks, Chuck. I really appreciate it!