DNS15 can't access

VC opens DNS15. For each user I am getting a menu that states I don’t have sufficient privileges to use it or it is currently being accessed by another program.

Any thoughts? Can’t get on Knowbrainer forum to asked there.


The quick fix is to create a new user profile.

The problem you're having is a permissions problem.
A reboot could possibly help but
Did you sign is as another user? Did you turn User Access Control on or off?


Ron could be correct. However, this type of problem usually occurs because another application is holding onto Dragon in such cases, you are really getting an access denied error.

Try doing a cold boot (power off/power on). The reason for this is that each of your memory chips has an "disable bit" the purpose of the settings in that bit on your memory chips is to clear memory on the reboot. Unfortunately a warm boot (restart) doesn't reset that bit and clear your memory. This can come back to haunt you in situations such as the error that you're getting. A cold boot (power off/power on) clears all memory. That is, it sets all memory to "0".

Ron and Chucker,

I found an earlier post on Knowbrainer from Chucker about the cold reboot. It worked.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend.