DNS - VoicePower and sleep mode

Sorry for so many questions…

When I have DNS and VoicePower loaded (with the mike off) and then have to put the computer into Sleep or Hybernation mode cause any damage to the user file (or for that matter, the programs)? If I know I’m going to be away from my computer for several hours, should I shut DNS and VoicePower down and bring them back up when I’m ready to dictate or does it really matter?




If you're going to put your computer to sleep, I would shut down VoicePower and DNS by simply saying "shut down speech recognition". This not only shuts down VoicePower but also prompt you to save your user file. Putting your system to sleep has some nasty side effects. Doesn't really affect VoicePower as much as it affects DNS. However, if you have a problem with DNS and VoicePower is still loaded, then you have to use the manual "shut down speech" from the VoicePower folder. You might want to drag that one out and create a shortcut on the desktop.

On the other hand, I very often simply close the monitor on my laptop sending it into hibernation. Hibernation does not seem to have any negative impacts on DNS or VoicePower as long as you turn the microphone off. However, I have, at times, neglected to turn the microphone off and never suffered any untoward or ill effects when I open it back up again and recover from hibernation. Hibernation is less offensive and doesn't tend to affect, at least in my experience, any other applications. So, bottom line is turn the microphone off for DNS and put your system in hibernation.

Lastly, if I'm going to go away from my desktop systems for any length of time, I generally shut them down completely. However, if I'm only going to be gone for a a few hours, or even just overnight, I leave my systems running 24/7. I only shuts them down if I'm going to be gone longer than a day. Otherwise, I use hibernation, and have used hibernation, with no ill effects.

The bottom line is avoid putting your system to sleep. Hibernation is just as good and doesn't seem to have any negative impact.

Thanks for the advice! I suspected there was something going on with Sleep mode.

I see Hibernation and Sleep modes on my laptop as options but only Sleep mode on my desktop. Is there some switch or setting I need to change to get my desktop to display the Hibernation option?

I am using Win 7 Ultimate (64 bit) on both systems.