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With the new versions of DNS coming out, will the most recent version of VoiceComputer/VoicePower work with the Pro version of DNS 12?

<div> </div><div>The answer is No !</div><div> </div><div>At least not very well.</div><div> </div><div>We've been testing a new release of VoiceComputer/VoicePower and if anyone wants to beta test it, let me know!</div><div> </div><div>Expect to have VoiceComputer 12 on Monday or Tuesday.</div><div>(VoiceComputer 12 will work fine with DNS 10 - 11.5)</div><div> </div><div> </div><div> </div>
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So, if I’m reading this correctly, I should hold off on upgrading to DNS 12 until we hear that there is a matching update for VC(VP)… yes?

Not that I’m sure I need the features in the update, but once you fall too far behind, it becomes harder to get current. :-/ (and more expensive, since I can get 12 Premium for $99 for the time being)

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If you are intending to use VoicePowerâ„¢, which is now called VoiceComputerâ„¢, with DNS 12, you should not install DNS 12 with the current version of VoicePowerâ„¢. The DNS 12 compatible version of VoiceComputerâ„¢ will be available in the next couple of days. As Ron says, were currently testing to be sure that everything works.

I'm not sure what you're referring to as far as "features in the update". DNS 12 has a new method of managing and analyzing commands and command structures that change the rules of the game. Therefore, it simply was necessary for us to ensure that all of the VoicePowerâ„¢ commands conform to these changes. In addition, we have simply renamed VoicePowerâ„¢ to VoiceComputerâ„¢. However, it is exactly the same with a few minor fixes and some additional support for features in DNS 12. Believe me, you do need it.

The bottom line is that if you're going to upgrade to DNS 12, then you do need to upgrade from VoicePowerâ„¢ to VoiceComputerâ„¢ for DNS 12. Otherwise, the current version of VoicePowerâ„¢ will not work properly and can interfere with Dragon's commands in DNS 12. I strongly advise all users of the current version of VoicePowerâ„¢ not to attempt to use it with DNS 12.
Our policy is still the same. If you purchased VoicePowerâ„¢ within the last year, you are entitled to the upgrade at no cost. Nevertheless, anybody with DNS 12 must upgrade to VoiceComputerâ„¢ for DNS 12. Otherwise you're going to get some bizarre results. Further, VoiceComputerâ„¢ should be out before most users upgrade to DNS 12. If you're going to install DNS 12 now, we recommend that you temporarily uninstall VoicePowerâ„¢, or at least avoid using it until you receive the VoiceComputerâ„¢ upgrade notification and link. Chucker2012-08-07 10:01:58

Thanks Chuck.

What I meant about the features comment was… is there really anything new in DNS 12 that I need that’s worth $99? I was thinking of upgrading not because I wanted one of those new features, but rather just to stay current.

What are your thoughts on upgrading to DNS 12?
(And of course, if I do upgrade, I’m not doing it without VoiceComputer. In the mean time… I’m sitting tight. Approve )


While I’m certainly not you or Chucker, if you are looking for people to beta test the new version, I would be happy to do so.

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[QUOTE=gfeldmanhill] Thanks Chuck.

What I meant about the features comment was.... is there really anything new in DNS 12 that I need that's worth $99? I was thinking of upgrading not because I wanted one of those new features, but rather just to stay current.

What are your thoughts on upgrading to DNS 12?
(And of course, if I do upgrade, I'm not doing it without VoiceComputer. In the mean time... I'm sitting tight. Approve )


DNS 12 is well worth upgrading to, but there are some caveats.

1. There are some issues with regard to upgrading previous version user profiles that require an understanding of how to upgrade/convert profiles. Some users are finding that they cannot upgrade their previous version user profiles because of the default settings based on their hardware configuration. What it basically boils down to is this: (a) DNS 12 will default to the new speech model (BestMatch V) Medium vocabulary if you have at least a multicore processor and 4 GB of RAM, (b) 4 GB of RAM is insufficient for BestMatch V and users may experience a failure in the upgrade/conversion process as a result. Therefore, when attempting to upgrade a previous version user profile you need to evaluate your hardware configuration, use the Advanced button during the upgrade process and change the parameters (speech model etc.) based on your hardware configuration.
2. I personally recommend that anyone who has less than 8 GB of RAM or is running under Windows XP, which only allows access to approximately 3.25 GB of RAM for applications, be sure that they upgrade/convert to BestMatch IV Medium vocabulary. In most cases, you will find that DNS 12 is a better performer and just as accurate. There is a lot of hype surrounding BestMatch V as far as accuracy is concerned and I don't find, particularly if you're getting 97 to 99% accuracy that BestMatch V will do anything more for you except slow your system down.
3. In order to run BestMatch V at all, users need at least a Sandy Bridge processor (second-generation Intel Coreâ„¢ i processor) with a minimum of four cores and at least 16 GB of RAM running under Windows 7 64-bit. Even 8 GB of RAM, although sufficient, can create performance issues when running BestMatch V.
4. Users who intend to upgrade to DNS 12 Professional need to be careful about importing custom commands if they're going to use BestMatch V. Nuance has changed the rules of the game for managing/analyzing custom commands in BestMatch V. These changes can produce list failure warnings, with the consequent result that you're DNS 12 will slow down to a crawl and be almost totally unusable. This does not occur with The VoiceComputerâ„¢ for DNS 12 because we have resolved those issues with our command structure. I am still analyzing this to see exactly what is occurring and how to workaround it with BestMatch V and DNS 12 Professional Advanced Scripting commands. I will enlighten everyone once I have a complete analysis, but for the time being I would recommend that DNS 12 Professional users avoid importing custom Advanced Scripting commands. DNS 12 Premium users are not subject to this issue because the only custom commands that you have are the Text and Graphics macros, which do not have this problem under BestMatch V.
5. In DNS 12, BestMatch IV, even the General-Large vocabulary does not experience the latency issues that some users are having with DNS 11.5. In fact, BestMatch4 under DNS 12 is quite snappy, of course depending upon your hardware.
6. There are enough improvements and fixes in DNS 12 do more than justify upgrading as long as you understand the caveats. In fact, DNS 12 has forced us to improve the speed and performance of VoiceComputerâ„¢ (i.e., negative consequences in DNS 12 resulting in a positive outcome for users of VoiceComputerâ„¢).
The bottom line is that upgrading to DNS 12 is well worth it in terms of overall functionality and improvements in features, as well as bug fixes. However, Nuance is overhyping accuracy gains. Accuracy is what is called, mathematically, an asymptotic measurement. What that means basically is that: (a) it is impossible to reach the absolute limit (100% accuracy 100% of the time), and (b) if you're getting 97% to 99% accuracy, you are approaching the limit and curve flattens at that point. What all this basically means is that as you get to 97/99% accuracy you will not see a significant improvement. Translated into practical terms, this basically means that, at best, you will likely see perhaps one, maybe two, fewer misrecognitions in 10,000 words dictated. Definitively not the 20% greater accuracy that Nuance would like you to believe.
On the other hand, accuracy is still independent of CPU (make, model, speed), but definitively related to the quality of your microphone/soundcard. Therefore, your microphone/soundcard combination is the weakest link in the chain, second only to your dictation style and enunciation.

Wow! Terrific write-up Chuck; exceeded my expectations… Thanks!!

My laptop is a Thinkpad 410 with, I believe, an Intel core-i5 CPU (quad-core running at 2.4Ghz) running XP. My home computer has an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 Brisbane 2.9GHz Dual-Core Processor.
In both cases, I’m using a VXI headset with a USB mike… I think it’s pretty good. And your right… my diction/enunciation is my biggest issue! Ermm

I was interesting in reading about the lag-time in 11.5. I do get times during the day when there is a significant lag between speaking and DNS responding. Sometimes it’ll say “repeat that”, I do, and then 5-10 seconds later it types both occurrences.

In general, I’m not doing anything fancy (basic medium profile with few changes, and no macros (except a few I did in VC). Sounds like upgrading won’t give me too many problems.

Thanks again for the terrific overview! Muchly appreciated!

(now, all I have to do is figure out if I’m still within my time-frame for a free VC upgrade or if I have to pay for another year LOL)

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<div> </div><div>We've changed our upgrade policy. When your year expires and you buy an upgrade to VoicePowerVoiceComputer 12, you won't need to buy another upgrade until VoiceComputer 13 (for DNS 13).</div><div> </div>