DNS 14

Will there be any issues with VC and DNS 14. The new version sounds great.

Currently, there is one issue. VC won’t start DNS 14.

VC needs an updated VoiceComputer Control Center.
This will be included in our release next week.

If you need the updated Control Center now, send me an email.

If you have Dragon Premium, I highly recommend that you update to DNS Professional Individual Edition for $99. With the Individual Edition and VoiceComputer, you have everything you’ll ever need (except for continuing improvements to VoiceComputer).

We’ll be releasing some free Dragon scripts next week to help you create your own scripts.
Many users don’t need any scripts but a few custom macros can make you more productive.


I purchased and downloaded DNS 14. But, Windows installer is not recognizing it. Am I supposed to uninstall DNS 13 first?

It says,“contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows install package”

Chuck will be getting back to you about this. But, in the meanwhile…

1) What version of Windows are you using?

2) Try downloading the link from Nuance again. The Nuance download is small (49 MB) and it goes out to the Internet to download and install the files from the Nuance FTP site.
Maybe the download got corrupted or your Internet connection was poor.

Thanks Ron.

I am using windows 7 pro . I noticed in the Knowbrainer forum that many people are having installer issues. One remedy was to go hard wire instead of WIFI. I tried that but now Digital River is saying that I have too many download attempts. This sounds like a case for Chuck.
I am understanding that uninstalling the previous DNS version would not make a difference.


Did you uninstall your previous version before installing this new version of DNS?

I have an update. After speaking with Nuance technical support, the second agent I spoke to, understood the problem and sent me an email with the full download link of 3 GB. I did that and was successful. He told me that some people are having problems with that small condensed link.


Will you be letting us know when the latest release with the new control center is out?


Ron will let everyone know.