DNS 13

Will VC latest version work with DNS 13?

Yes, but we will be releasing VoiceComputer 13 within a few days…


Ron’s answer is correct, but there are a couple of caveats with the current version of VoiceComputer (12.83.1):

  1. The current version of VoiceComputer does not automatically find Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13. You are prompted to find the location for natspeak.exe. Once you follow the instructions, VoiceComputer will record the path and you won’t have to do this again unless you uninstall and reinstall VoiceComputer.

  2. With DNS 13, VoiceComputer will configure itself for Dragon 10. You need to do the following:

(a) Say “configure VoiceComputer” or select “configure VoiceComputer” from the VoiceComputer icon in the system tray (systray).

(b) Say “5 open” [Configure VoiceComputer for your version of Dragon].

© say “13” or click on the radio button for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13. If you’re using a version of VoiceComputer that predates 12.83.1 and which does not show Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 in the “Configure VoiceComputer for your version of Dragon”, select the option for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.

Everything should work properly. If not, then restart VoiceComputer and Dragon from the VoiceComputer Startup/Shutdown Utility (Restart Speech).Chucker2014-08-04 08:12:26