DNS 12.5 Service Pack 1 hotlink

To all VoiceComputer/VoicePower users,

I noticed today on the KnowBrainer forum that it’s getting very confusing to find the direct link to the DNS 12.5 Service Pack 1 even though you can get it through the Help menu | Check for Updates.

We originally posted the link here, but we have been requested to remove such from our forum. This request was made by Nuance and out of respect for their request, we can no longer post the link. If you are unable to get the service pack one release for DNS 12.5, then, unfortunately, you need to contact Nuance. We will continue to keep the link to the technote on the DNS 12.5 update from Nuance because this is not a violation of their request.

We apologize for having to do this.

Also, here’s the most recent technote on the 12.5 update from Nuance

uploads/7/FINAL_Dragon125SP_Main_Technote_2.pdfChucker2013-03-28 14:03:19