DNS 12.5 and Excel 2010 Comments Issue

This is a recent topic from the KnowBrainer Forum in dealing with the comments box attached to a cell.

I tried using VoicePower as it contains the commands for adding, opening and editing the comment box attached to a cell.

However, I run into the same problems as expressed in the KnowBrainer topic in that I cannot dictate text into the comment box or edit it. The text that is dictated to be added to the comment box is inserted into the cell and not into the comment box.

Is there a way of doing this in VoicePower or is it only possible to add text to the comment box and edit it from the keyboard?

Lindsay on the KB forum has posted a possible solution in that by disabling the DNS Excel add-in it allows direct dictation into the comment box.

My question is: if I disable the Excel add-in how will this affect VoiceComputer?


Disabling the NatSpeak Excel AddIn for Dragon has no impact on VoiceComputer because VoiceComputer is a command add-in and not a dictation add-in. The only thing that the NatSpeak Excel AddIn enables or disables is Full Text Control (Select-and Say). All of VoiceComputer’s commands for Microsoft Office applications are completely separate from Dragon. So, the only impact on removing or disabling the NatSpeak Excel AddIn has is on Dragon itself (i.e., selecting text and/or correcting text yada yada yada.

Regardless, keep in mind that you are basically shooting yourself in the foot when you disable Microsoft Excel’s Full Text Control (Select-and Say) AddIn. Also, keep in mind that the commands listed for Excel in VoicePower/VoiceComputer include Dragon commands, not all of them are VoiceComputer commands.
RonK2013-03-12 09:28:22

Thanks Chuck

Unless one is continually adding comments I guess the option would be to disable the add-in just for adding the few comments that you wish to dictate into. Then once you have finished with your comments to re-enable the add-in.


When I have to dictate into a comment in an Excel spreadsheet, I simply use Notepad and then copy and paste. I also use Notepad for editing comments.