DLL file could not be created message

I love voice power! I have installed it on my main computer at home and it works great! I have installed it on my work laptop and am having the following problem. When I give a simple command like make window smaller or show demo I get the following message in an information box:

" DLL file could not be created probable cause of error is that you cannot write to the disk or directory shown above"
The directory is C:program files (x86)voice teachvoice power ultimatescriptswilx44i…
Because of the size of the information window I can’t read the rest of the wilx44i…
When I follow the trail by clicking on my computer , C:, program files (x86) , voice teach, voice power ultimate , scripts, I cannot find a wilx44i… file.
I’m assuming the program didn’t install properly and that I should uninstall and reinstall.
Does that sound like the right thing to do?


An uninstall and reinstall may not be necessary.
Try going to the Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features, locate VoicePower and click on the Repair option. Make sure that you close VoicePower and Dragon first. After running the repair, try launching VoicePower again. Let us know if the problem persists. If it does, then try completely uninstalling VoicePower and reinstalling it.
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Thank you so much Chuck. Ron sent me an email last night with the missing file, I copied it into scripts and it worked great. Your suggestion sounds great…I’m going to file it away. BTW you all do a great job! Thank you !