Display numbers is awesome

The, “display numbers” command is the best command yet. You guys have outdone yourself. I’m using it everywhere on my computer. For example I used it on my Yahoo (homepage) to get to the voice computer bookmark I set up. Then, I used it on the voice computer homepage to easily get to the forum link. It allows me to easily open links that used to be a challenge to either pronounce, name or or were challenging to open for various reasons. It is getting me closer to my goal of never having to touch the keyboard or mouse. I hope other forum readers post ways that they are using it as well.


We're tickled pink that you like this feature. However, be advised that were still working on it. There are some caveats because some Windows produce overlapping numbering, which can be difficult to view. However, it works well in most screens, particularly when viewing websites and in many applications. Still, we have to tweak it a bit.

The most useful commands are the follow and drag command features (from my personal standpoint). You want to see the Display Numbers commands, say Show Main Menu | Click Computer Control | Click Command Lists | Show Display Numbers Commands. Unfortunately, at the present time you have to manually click on that last option because the command does not activate by voice. We're in the process of fixing the so that in the future all you will have to say is "Show Display Numbers Commands".

What we would most like is for VoiceComputer users to give us feedback on how we can improve this feature, specifically relative to certain windows and applications where you might find it to be somewhat problematic. We will be tweaking this feature as time goes on based on your feedback in our testing and findings.
..Chucker2012-12-29 19:15:13

Should we respond on the forum? Have you considered setting up one thread dedicated to feedback and requests?


Anyone can set up a thread for this purpose. It doesn’t have to be us. However, there are a couple of caveats.

First, setting up a general thread for feedback and requests is not a bad idea. Just keep in mind that general threads tend to be vague vs. categorizing specific feedback and requests on specific categories or items. Also, the more posts in a specific thread, the more difficult it is to find what you’re looking for if, in fact, you want to search through them.

Second, keep in mind that threads will gradually move down the list(s) unless someone keeps them current.

That being said, anyone is welcome to set up a general thread dedicated to feedback and requests.

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