Display Numbers aren't near what they click

Hello, I installed version 50 of your software today. I have a Windows 7 box and am using Dragon 11.5. The commands I am used to using work just fine. I tried out Display Numbers for the first time today with Internet Explorer. The numbers are quite large and do not appear next to the things that they “click.” I need to guess what will happen when I say “click 14.” I am suspecting that this is not the way that Display Numbers is expected to run. Can you help?


We’re working on Display Numbers. The position of the numbers generally doesn’t matter in most cases. However, we are aware of some of these issues are working to correct them. Yes, the numbers are larger than they need to be, but they are generally associated with the items over which they are displayed. You needn’t worry about clicking on any particular number unless it doesn’t work. There are some applications in which “Display Numbers” doesn’t focus on the particular link/object correctly. One example of this is in Quicken. Nonetheless, we’re in the process of correcting some of these issues. We will keep you apprised. The only thing that you need to report to us is when clicking on a number doesn’t work and giving us as much detail as possible, including the application or window in which you are attempting to use Display Numbers.