Disappearing files

I am puzzled at the way in which the number of files in c:UsersVivDocumentsVoiceComputerCommandsCustom changes. For instance there is a file firefox.xml in versions 12-30 and 12-36-1, but not in 12-25-7 or 12-35. There are also several other files which appear and disappear when the version number changes.

These files are the VC command files for applications and the various features of VC. When you enable | disable features in VC, these files are copied into the directory or deleted.
In release 12.5, we tried to minimize the number of features that were active when you first started the program, figuring that users could then add just the features they wished. That didn't work so well so we are now activating most VC features when you first start the program. If you don't want a feature, disable it. Disabling features can improve performance if you're using BestMatch V and it will eliminate 'false positives', commands that you don't even want, being recognized and executed.


When you install a new version, you need to make sure that you reset all of your VoiceComputer configuration settings. By default, some of the commands are not automatically checked simply because you were using VoiceComputer before in an older version. The first thing you should do after installing a new version of VoiceComputer is to go into the VoiceComputer commands (#16) and check the command settings. The second thing you should do is to check all of your other VoiceComputer configuration settings.

Every time you install an updated version of VoiceComputer, the original settings in your settings.ini file don’t contain your previous configurations. You need to go into the “Configure VoiceComputer” dialog and make sure that all of your settings are correct for your version of Dragon etc. Files don’t disappear. If you’re command configurations aren’t set (checked), then they won’t show up when you launch VoiceComputer. Believe me, they’re there. They’re just not showing up because by default there’s no checkmark in that command set in VoiceComputer | Configure VoiceComputer | #16 Enabled | Disable VoiceComputer Commands. Some things we do automatically, like finding your serial number. Other things you have to do manually.