Differences between VoiceComputer and VC Lite

Both VoiceComputer and VC Lite include


My Intags (Overlays)

Voice Mouse

VC Microphone

Interactive help/command sheets

Global productivity commands (VC Lite has a smaller set)

VoiceComputer features that are NOT included in VC Lite

Comprehensive and interactive lessons, tutorials, and demonstrations, to help users learn and master the Dragon program. - Learn while you work!

Dragon command lists.

Voice Shortcuts. For example: The ability to make Move to and Switch to Folder commands for Microsoft Outlook.

Hundreds of global productivity commands. To view the commands, say, ‘Show Global Commands’

One example: Our Computer page up/down, scroll up/down, tab up/down command. This command pages/scrolls/tabs through your document. Voice commands let you speed up or slow down the scrolling. The speed can set so you can easily read the document as it’s scrolling. You can even issue page up, go to top and other commands to review a screen that just scrolled by or jump to other screens. The scrolling automatically stops after a while. A voice command lets you continue scrolling or stop.

Thousands of productivity commands for MS Office, Chrome, Snagit and other programs. To view the list of commands lists, say, Show Command list