Did Windows 7 repair remove voice computer?

Windows 7 ran a repair function today. I have no idea why. However, when I went to open voice computer I found it was no longer on my computer. I am attempting to attach a screen which may be of interest.

I’m going to reinstall voice computer and see what happens.



I can see this happening if you work for a company and they reimaged. Some companies run utilities that
delete unauthorized software.
But, just a Windows update? Something went awry....


I just deleted all those folders. I then reinstalled the new version of voice computer.

I’m now going to check to see if my “tag commands” function.

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I’ve never seen Windows 7 run a Repair, even though I know it can and does from time to time on some systems because Windows finds problems that it needs to fix. This is more common in Windows 8.

When it does this, it usually involves the registry. I doubt that it removed VoiceComputer from your system because even a Repair of any version of Windows only works with the registry. It doesn’t delete programs.

That being said, you probably could have fixed it very simply by reinstalling VoiceComputer. If it exists on your system and it’s the same version, then you would get the InstallShield (typical) Modify, Repair, Remove dialog; in which case you would simply select Repair.

Regardless, deleting those folders deletes all your VoiceComputer profiles, which means that reinstalling VoiceComputer and creating a new “VoiceComputer” folder results in your having to reset everything. You should always keep the folders that you deleted so that you can access all of your configuration files. The main reason is that any VoiceComputer VoiceShortcuts that you created are now lost because you deleted them. In the future, just do a reinstall and if prompted, do a Repair.

Why your tag commands were failing to function can have any number of root causes, but in the future the first thing to try is to “Restart Speech”. It’s always possible, just as with Dragon, that VoiceComputer can lose its link to its commands wherein restarting Dragon and VoiceComputer will generally fix the problem. If not, check your configuration is far is the version of Dragon that you’re using by going to the “Configure VoiceComputer” and checking the settings. One of the things you can do is to check your command settings, then click “OK” and restart VoiceComputer and Dragon.

As I’ve said, VoiceComputer can lose its links to its commands the same as Dragon can. You also need to make sure that your VoiceComputer configuration is correct, particularly for the version of Dragon that you’re using.Chucker2013-03-11 08:05:56

Tag commands functions seem to be working okay.
All is well with the world.