Deleting and editing tag files

I know this was discussed earlier on this forum, but I cannot recall how to delete or edit tagged files.

To delete tags (favorites), first view them by saying:

Show My Favoriites
Then say: “Delete 8” where 8 is the tag you wish to delete.
It’s so easy to create tags that it’s not worth editing them.
(Editing requires that you edit xml files.)
For a complete list of list commands say, “Show List Help”

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Everything seems to be working great. Except, the, “delete 8” function as you’re describing below. For some reason when I do that nothing happens.


I figured out how to delete and it slightly different than your instructions. The command is actually, “delete tag 8”.


You are absolutely correct. I think Ron just made a typo (speak-o) error because the only way that you can delete a tag is by saying "delete tag #".