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Could you please announce it when you've uploaded the latest release?
I understand that the Downloads for Order email link can only be accessed so many times.....
It says 2.20 ? But my installed version is 2.20.2
Also, is there a problem with the Name your Overlay (My Intag) and the Make Window Specific Overlays for Your Applications commands? Because so far I couldn't get them to work on my PC.
Are these commands located in the global2 xml file, or are they executed by VP.exe itself. Because I couldn't find them in any of the xmls.


Speech19652017-10-13 09:18:39

We have released 2.20.3. I’m not making an announcement about it because we continue to work on a few features and the documentation. We may have a few more updates over the next few weeks before we announce our ‘finished’ version.

This .3 release should fix the problem you had. The new Overlay commands worked fine in .2 if you first created an overlay before you used the new commands. I fixed that problem.
I also renamed and improved the make tags bigger / smaller / default command.
It now closes an open overlay, changes the size and then reopens.
The code for that is global2.xml.
However, I continue to have problems with the recognition of the Make tags bigger and Make tags smaller commands.
I can fix the problem by making tagssmaller and tagsbigger compound words in the command list.
But, that doesn’t explain why I’ve having recognition problems in the first place.
d1make tags default
s1make tagssmaller
b1make tagsbigger
d1make tags default size

As you’ve seen with other commands, I often use the WinBatch scripting language to do the bulk of the work. I think that WinBatch and some other scripting languages like AutoHotKey are superior to the scripting language within Dragon. We still hope to start making all our macros with AutoHotkey or some other program and then integrate it into VoiceComputer so that all our users can benefit from the power of these programs.

RonK2017-06-15 17:45:26