Creating overlays in Citrix


I’m running quite an old version of Voice Computer and am using it due to an RSI flareup. I’m being asked to work in Citrix more regularly and would like to start setting up some custom overlays, however when I am in full screen Citrix and then say “create overlay” the window shrinks (restored?) as if it’s been taken off full screen. Is this normal behaviour or is it the version that I have (I’m not sure how to find this). BTW I’m running Citrix workspace version (912). I also have an issue with trying to create overlays in RDP when logging on to some servers, it doesn’t seem to be able to create the intags.

Thanks in advance


This is normal and we need to do this to ensure that the Overlays work reliably.

We’ve seen this with a couple of applications. Note the times when this happens and then send us the VoiceComputer Log.txt file (located in the C:\ProgramData\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer directory.)

Try some workarounds. One example, create an overlay with the application minimized and open the application, make it full screen and then create the Intags.