Creating folders with intags

I’m trying to create folders to which I can save dictated matters. I have done it in the past. I have given the command to open my computer, then get on the network drive which then pops up the various folders with numbers. I would then give the command of tag #, then bookmark and save and I was off to the races.

What do I do when intags is involved? I get to where the folders are shown on my network drive. There is a number to the right of the folder, not on the folder itself. When I give the command tag #it it doesn’t bring me up to the menu where I can bookmark and save.

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Be careful using InTags with commands like “show my computer”. If the InTag numbers are displayed to the right of a folder and you want to tag that folder, you use the command “tag #” where the number you want to tag is the number to the left of the folder, not the InTag number. Also, while you can use InTags to highlight specific folders or drives, etc. the “tag #” doesn’t work on the InTag number. Also, be careful how you execute a tag command because if the folder that you’re trying to tag also corresponds to an InTag numbered that is being displayed, you run the risk of executing that InTag number. It shouldn’t happen, but it can.

My recommendation is that when you’re trying to do what you’re trying to do, you close the InTag numbers. Remember, only the number at the left of that item that you want to tag can be used to tag, bookmark, and save. InTags are useful virtually anywhere, but they’re not an end-all and be-all where there is the possibility of a conflict between the InTag numbering and what you’re trying to do.

In other words, InTags are good for navigation and selecting/opening files and folders in Windows Explorer or any other third party equivalent, but mixing apples and oranges (i.e., InTags and lists) can be problematic. It’s a question of learning how and when, as well as what you can do under specific situations.


Appreciate your response. I just opened VoiceComputer and gave the commands “show my computer” and “show my documents”. As you can see by the attached menus no numbers showed up on the left. As I recall in the past, when I wanted to open my network drive from either screen, there would be a number on it and I could say “list #” and the folders I want to save to would pop up with numbers.

As usual, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much.

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I had not configured the move to folders commands because I thought it only worked in Outlook and Lotus. Now I’m back up and running. I am such a nitwit.