create show my favorites in every user?

when I change between users, I lose my show my favorites commands. Do I have to set them up in each Dragon user? I thought they attached to VoiceComputer and worked with any open Dragon user.

But then again, I do not have the brainpower of either Ron or Chucker, so I could be wrong.

Thanks so much,



You’re correct, but sometimes VoiceComputer becomes disenfranchised. That is, when changing users, your VoiceComputer commands may not be fully linked to that new user. It’s rare, but it does occur.

The question is how did you change users? If you do this from within Dragon, then VoiceComputer should still be properly linked. Regardless, I need a step-by-step explanation of what you did.

I’ve had this happen to me on occasion, but I just simply shut down and restart VoiceComputer “Restart Speech” with the new user selected and that should bring it back.