Create outlines

I just wanted to confirm that VoiceComputer does not have commands to create outlines in Microsoft Word. I’ve searched and searched but wanted to make sure.

Thanks so much.



VoiceComputer does have Punctuation commands, such as “paren lower a” etc. however, VoiceComputer’s punctuation commands place numbers, letters, roman numerals, etc. in parentheses.

To take a look at these, say “show punctuation commands” and go to the bottom where these are listed. However, one of the things I think you are interested in is the KnowBrainer list/double list commands (i.e., paragraph vs. line listing. These are list commands. That is, using the KnowBrainer commands does not automatically create the next number if you say “new line” or “new paragraph”. In Microsoft Word, once you start using numbers (i.e., number that), then Microsoft Word automatically increments the number depending upon whether or not you are using paragraph spacing or line spacing. There are any number of commands (i.e., numbering commands) to deal with this using Dragon by itself, and I can outline some of these for you if you would like. However, even with KnowBrainer, there is no easy way of simply dealing with this issue using one or the other type of command. That is, you have to repeat the command or use the outline format in Microsoft Word, which is convoluted, or understand how to use line numbering and/or paragraph numbering in Microsoft Word.

One advantage of the VoiceComputer punctuation commands is that you can bypass this issue altogether by putting letters numbers and/or Roman numerals, etc. in parentheses, which is what VoiceComputer does.

Depends on what you want as to what approach you can or should take.


As always, Chucker, much appreciated.

I think I am going to try VoiceComputer’s Punctuation commands and see how that works.



If unhappy with it, I will try Word and maybe ask you for the Dragon advice.