Could Not Complete Mouse Action

I have been a DPI15 user for some time, and am just testing VC the past couple of days. I love the capability, but have run into a number of issues that make using it difficult and frustrating.

I often get the “could not complete mouse action” error message. Sometimes when I receive the message it actually does click on the intag number, but other times it does not. At the same the, the intags in most windows do not work consistently (and more often do not work). At first I thought it was just related to Chrome and Edge, but now seems more pervasive.

I uninstalled and reinstalled both DPI and VC, but continue to get the error messages. What else can I try? I would really like to purchase the product, because I think it would be very beneficial, but I would need to get past these issues.

The “could not complete mouse action” error message is caused by many things.
Some of this is unavoidable. For example, if the page is being redrawn as you’re issuing the command.
Reissuing the command will usually work.
Turn off notifications in Windows, so Windows doesn’t beep on this message.
Could send you the 2020 release to see if there was a change in the code that made the problem worse.

Thanks for the suggestion to turn off notifications. That made a big difference. However, I’m still having a significant issue with the Intags not showing on various windows. When I first started up the program, everything worked well, but as I continue working, more and more frequently the windows are not populated with the intags. When I say “show intags” it often populates, but not always. It seems especially bad in Firefox.

Do you think the 2020 version would help with that issue?

As a follow-up to my previous message, I am also having issues with the intags coming and going in certain windows, even though I’m not using the toggle command. The number will appear, I will speak the number, and then it will disappear before it is selected. Sometimes this happens several times before the selection takes place.

Create a new Dragon user profile. This solves 90% of issues.
To create a new profile:
Shutdown speech
Open Dragon only
Create a new profile
Open VoiceComputer.

Thanks. Will I have to train the new profile?

I set up the new Dragon profile, but I’m still having the same issues with the intags coming and going as described above. It seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Is there anything else I can try?

Ron, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled both DPI and VC again. Now everything seems to be working properly. Thanks.

Good news.
But, there’s seldom a need to uninstall DPI or VC.
Creating a new user in DPI is usually sufficient.
Running ‘Reconfigure VoiceComputer’ resets VC so that should be all it needs.

Let me know!