Copying text from browser

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to figure out how to copy text from my chrome browser into Word. I found this video on YouTube and the exact same video was posted on to the voice computer YouTube channel

Does anybody know if I am able to perform the exact same commands shown in this video with the newest version of voice computer lite? I still haven't decided if I'm going to purchase voice computer or voice computer lite. If I'm able to copy text easily between applications, as shown in the YouTube video, using voice computer, then I think I would go with that one. This is really my deciding factor.

I am aware that there is another way to copy text, by using the mouse commands and activating the MouseGrid but I found that this took me way too long. I really like the way the demonstrator has done it in the YouTube video provided and I'm hoping that command is available currently.


Yes, these are old commands of ours that were included in VoicePower, the previous name of VoiceComputer.

These commands are still in our full VoiceComputer product BUT they are unsupported. They’re not supported because they were difficult to maintain and very few people used them. (They still work some of the time but there’s no support when they don’t work.)

We have a few alternative commands.
Our Voice Mouse commands offer several ways to select text in a browser. - See “Show Mouse Commands” - Our mouse commands are far faster and more robust than Dragon’s MouseGrid.

You can also use our Overlays to select text. To do this, open an overlay for a browser window, then say, Create Intag Grid. Use the drag commands to select the text you want, e.g, “Drag 21 to 49”, then “close overlay”, “Copy Selection” and then switch to the program you want to paste to and say, “Paste that”

(I think that our Mouse commands are simpler to use than the Overlays…)