Copy text here command

I am experiencing problems with the Copy text here command in that it gives me an error message when trying to copy text in webpages.

I have followed the instructions and have not used the mouse.

The paste text here command seems to work a little better


You need to send me your VoicePower and error logs.

The only way that I can determine what’s happening is with those logs.

Also, can you give me a more detailed description and or specifically what the error message said in advance of sending me the logs.

Also, try “paste selection here”. That one is the best of the breed and you don’t have to worry about moving the mouse. In addition, everything on a specific page is visible in WordPad. This is the one that I like the best. The others have their function and practical uses, but paste selection here is the premier copy and paste utility in VoicePower.

Send your error and VoicePower logs to