Configuring Chrome in tags

I love the size font and background of my in tags everywhere except on Google Chrome. Is there a way to adjust the size and color of the numbers I get when I call up the numbers on Google Chrome? As far as I can determine, the configure screen on voice computer doesn’t adjust the Chrome in tags.


I'll let Ron explain in more detail. However, there is currently no way to adjust the font size and/or color Re: the Chrome extension.

This is due to the fact that the Chrome extension is not internal to the VoiceComputer configuration options.

I totally understand. However, the numbers are very difficult to read in Chrome and often, are blocking needed content. With voicecomputer, the number size, color etc. is absolutely perfect. How is everyone else getting around that obstacle?


First, give me an example (i.e. URL) where there difficult to read. We set up the numbering for the chrome extension to be dark red on a white background square. I have no problems reading them in any webpage, even if the background is dark or black. Nevertheless, I need an example that I can review.

Second, you need to see what's underneath a number, there are two ways that you can do this:

1. The first way is simply to use the command "toggle". This closes the number 412 seconds so that you can see what's underneath it and then refreshes the numbering.

2. If you need a longer time to review what's underneath a number, simply say "close numbers" and when you're ready say "InTag window" to re-display.

As I said previously, it takes time to make modifications to the Chrome extension. We'll do what we can, when we can, but it won't come anytime soon.

Addendum: my apology, one thing that you can do is change the opacity of the chrome extension numbers for better reading on dark screens. To do that, click on the icon, or say show InTag menu and choose the number for the InTags (Chrome extension) icon and move the slider further to the right or to the left until you get the desired result.

Chucker2017-01-31 13:50:03


That toggle command helps a real lot. The issue comes up for me when I’m looking at a list of things on for example a Yahoo page where the font is in blue against a white background.
On your computer, do you change the color of the browser font?
It’s hard for me to copy and paste that, because when I use one note clip or any other clip program the intags disappear.

I just saw your addendum. I’m not sure what you mean by click on icon. What icon are you referring to? When I say show intags menu, the intags commands window comes up.How do I get to the menu you are referring to?

 Gary,</p><p>See the screen capture below. Click on the InTags icon and then set the opacity. If you're working on a webpage that has a dark background, increasing the opacity will make the display of the Chrome extension (InTags) easier to read. Decreasing the opacity makes it harder to read unless the webpage is black on white.</p><p><img src="uploads/7/Changing_opacity_chrome_extension_2017-02-01_16-02-46.jpg" height="223" width="553" border="0" /></p><div> The display of the Chrome extension InTag numbers will change as you move the slide bar. That is, you can see the differences in real-time.</div><div></div>


That works really well. I moved the slider all the way to the right. Its a Rembrandt screen now. Many thanks!!

Thanks 4 chrome extension. Tags work well.

Prior to install chrome ext Intag only appeared in top tool bar. With ext, Intags only appear in window. Not know how to Intag the top toolbar.


To Intag top level menus in Chrome, say, ‘Intag Menu’.

If this command doesn’t work, upgrade to our newest release.

If you wish to continue to follow Intags in the top level menu, say, “Menu #”, otherwise say ‘#’ to click on the Intag and then Intag the current website.

The Intag Menu commands won’t display properly if Chrome is zoomed and the back button isn’t Intagged because of a recent Chrome update. We will fix this.

However, the Intag commands within Chrome, will continue to display properly, no matter how much Chrome is zoomed.

The Intag Menu command works perfectly on my computer, regardless if Chrome is zoomed in, or zoomed out.


Speech19652017-02-06 15:14:51

The command works but the Intags are no longer placed where they should be, are they?

It seems to work on both my and my girlfriends computer. Zoom level was set to 150.
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Thanks! Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Windows 10, but I think it will be the same in Windows 7. Will check that later.

No, the command doesn’t properly work in Windows 7 (anymore?). I don’t remember using it before too often. The menu intags don’t display right whether Chrome is zoomed in/out, or at the default zoom level.

The chrome intags do work.


Speech19652017-02-07 17:14:39