Configuration command

I imported my VC commands. Said would be implemented next time opened VC. Just opened it and a popup said to say something to implement them. got distracted and can’t find the command on VC menu Probably missed it.

Any help?




In the most current VoiceComputer download, we changed it. One version prior we had a command for “Make configuration changes”. We have eliminated that from the latest because it was too confusing.

as always, Chucker, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Interestingly, I have been saving voice computer to that folder since beginning the relationship with the greatest software program since I guess all those me fund a new spouse sites!

I’m going into the office later today and will do it the way you say. Your way is always the right way.

You always send great quotes. sent your way quote. Here is mine:Never pet a dog on fire.

Thanks so much.


I may have sent you that in the past.

thank you, Ron. I replied to Chucker rather than you on this reply. Had a birthday this week. Getting older is no fun.