Comments about new version of VoiceComputer

I have been meaning to post since I purchased the latest version of VoiceComputer back in August. My biggest disappointment was I thought sure you would have a way to turn off the taskbar intags without having to toggle them off in the configure menu and restarting VoiceComputer. I do 99% of my streaming through the computer connected to my TV and it would be nice just to say “turn off taskbar intags” or something like that before I started watching a show/movie. One of the biggest things I was happy with is that I can now use MouseGrid without having to turn off the intags first.

Another issue I have is using Google Chrome with Facebook sometimes the intags work and other times they don’t, I figured out when they don’t they will work if I say “intag menu”.

It is still a great program and I appreciate all the work you did you get it out there for us!

Windows Speech Recognition lets us make configuration changes without restarting. Dragon doesn’t. It’s possible that we’ll release a version for WSR.

Confirm that you’re using the most recent version of VC (1.7) and let us know.

I’m using DPI 15 and just checked that I’m using VoiceComputer ver. 1.4.1. Where do I find the update to 1.7?

confirming that you’re using VoiceComputer 2021, 1.4.1

To download updates, follow the link that you were sent with your order or your upgrade.
That link always leads to the most recent version.
If you deleted the email with the link, email me for another link. But, in the future, please keep the link from the order!!!

Thanks Ron, I now have version 1.7 and at the moment it seems to be working better, but I’m on my backup laptop in the hospital… Will post again if I have any issues once I get home and am back on my main computer.