Commands to hold down mouse buttons

Are there commands to hold down the left/right mouse button until an additional command is given to let the mouse button back up?

I feel like I've seen reference to such commands, but can't find them in the documentation.

To be clear, I'm not asking for the dragging commands – just isolated mouse button up/down commands.



We have one command that allows you to say “press and hold the mouse button”. However, we are going to remove this because it is difficult to work with and very difficult to use properly. I strongly advise users not to enable this command. You would find out very quickly just how unstable it can be.

That being said, let me ask you specifically what it is that you want to do and where?

You can see all of the VoiceComputer Mouse voice commands by simply saying “show mouse commands”. These are the only ones that we recommend.

There are interesting ways of doing certain things, but without knowing exactly what you want and/or need, I can’t really answer your question.

PS, we do have commands that can select sequential and nonsequential items, such as files and folders in Windows Explorer and/or emails in Microsoft Outlook using mouse commands that employee “control click” and “shift click”. We also have a command that allows you to "delete next <1-20>. This is why I asked what it is that you’re specifically looking for.Chucker2014-11-09 14:10:42

Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your reply. Sorry about my delay – work obligations/distraction.

I want to be able to hold down right and left mouse buttons indefinitely, until issuing a command to release the button, because there are a number of situations in which I find I need to move the mouse around to find just the right position to drag something to. For instance, moving things around in PowerPoint, or in a specialized data visualization package I use (Tableau). And I may want to do this through voice mousing or through manual mouse control – but holding the actual button down with my hands really aggravates my RSI.

I had some commands that were working in 12.5 but have stopped working in version 13. Not sure why. Have had that trouble with a number of different commands.