Command to turn on/off taskbar intags

One thing I would love to see in the next update/version is a command to turn on/off the taskbar intags without having to go into the configure menu and then restarting VC. This way you can use VC all day long and then if you want to watch a streaming movie at night you can turn off the taskbar intags and watch the movie full screen without having the taskbar intags directing you or covering up anything.

I mentioned this to Ron right after I received VC 2020 and I was hoping this update had it, hopefully next time.

I agree, this sure would be nice. Sounds like implementing this seamlessly might not be as easy as it sounds or he probably would have already done it though.

Easier said than done.
The problem is with Dragon. Dragon seldom refreshes its command sets (and our internal menus that control the command sets). Thus, we need to restart Dragon every time you change configuration. (configuration changes require different menus/command sets).
You can test this yourself by killing the VoiceComputer task (vp.exe). After you do this, Dragon will often continue recognizing (but not executing) VC commands for 20 minutes.
(Disabling the Intags on the taskbar would require a configuration change.)
We could make the change with Windows Speech (WSR) because it frequently refreshes. And, WSR has been on the market for 15 years.