Command to close Dragon and VC

Hello, I cannot find a voice command to close Dragon and VoiceComputer. I’m sorry, it is probably right under my reach but I’m overlooking it.

It takes two commands

Say, ‘Open VoiceComputer’ which opens the VoiceComputer Control Center. The Control Center gives you a full range of options, including ‘Shutdown Speech’.

See the VoiceComputer Documentation pdf file. This file and other documentation is included with the installation files.

To view the documentation when you’re using the program say: ‘Show documentation’

Thank you, yes, I do know about that option.
I’d love one that does it all for me without the extra work.
Maybe something for the SP toolbox of commands…There is one there to restart Dragon and VC, but not one to shut them down.
Even better, I’d love one that will shut down Dragon, VC, and KB, all with one command - including a desktop shortcut, in case voice is frozen but i don’t want to restart it all again anyway.
For those times that Dragon stopped responding and you decide that’s a good time to stop working and start watching a movie anyway;-).
Or, more seriously, when you are going into a Zoom meeting and don’t need speech software for some time.
Just dreaming.

It would easy to add a command and/or a desktop shortcut to shut down Dragon and VC.
Maybe Rob can make you a command that would also shut down KB.
I don’t recommend using KB with VC since Dragon slows down when you add too many commands.
Also, VC also includes thousands of commands (many of which are disabled by default), so I would guess that there would be a lot of duplication of similar commands and similar command names.

Oh but there is Irene :smiley:

Apart from the fact that you can use SP Process Killer to create a command stack that does it all, your SP 6 PRO version natively has the command “Close VoiceComputer” on board which directly triggers:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Speech Productivity\Stop VC.exe

Alternatively you can create a shortcut to that executable on your desktop or load it in SP Hotkey Manager to trigger it with a hotkey. How about that?

The same goes for:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Speech Productivity\Close Dragon.exe

It appears that we forgot to include the voice command for that last one, that is sloppy :face_with_thermometer:. We will correct that in the next update. Meanwhile you can create the command yourself by double-clicking any of the existing SP DVC voice commands and click the “Create New” button. Use the following command name:

Kill Dragon


AppBringUp "C:\Program Files (x86)\Speech Productivity\Close Dragon.exe"

Do note that these executables kill Dragon and VC rather ungracefully. They are mostly meant in the event that speech becomes unresponsive (in which case saving your Dragon user profile would be tricky anyway).

Since we already have Dragon & VC Restart and Dragon KB and SS+ Restart we will also create executables to kill and/or reboot all of them in the next SP 6 PRO update.

However as Ron said, using VoiceComputer in combination with KnowBrainer is not a good idea. If you still decide to use both of them at the same time make sure that VoiceComputer is started first. Otherwise you will get annoying delays in command execution.

If you have any more questions about this, please contact me via email.

I have taken note of the recommendation not to use KnowBrainer together with VoiceComputer, and it indeed didn’t work so well on my old computer – though VoiceComputer didn’t work well at all there. But on a new computer they are actually working fine together. I’m using VC lite, so that probably makes a difference.
I’m open to switching to VC the full version instead of KnowBrainer, maybe at some point.