COM returned an unexpected error code


I have had this error come up a few times since I installed VP.

I have to back out of VP and then DNP still will kind of work like in dragon pad.

The error is:

COM returned an unexpected error code: Details are HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW

I have a I7 with 12 gig ram, windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

Thanks for any help. Hasa this error been reported before?



This error has cropped up recently and is associated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Adobe Acrobat Reader X. The release version of Acrobat Reader X is 10.0 and contains a function and/or feature that conflicts with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Note the following:

1. This particular error results from natspeak.exe (i.e., Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s linking loader) wherein NaturallySpeaking cannot link to or map (hook) an application window. Dragon maps all the applications installed on your system for two reasons: (a) so Dragon can open the application by voice command, and (b) determine whether or not whether a text window or text box (e.g., Microsoft Word, note pad, WordPad, Adobe Acrobat and/or Acrobat Reader, etc.) is Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) enabled.

2. After the initial release of Adobe Acrobat Reader X, it was discovered that something in the Reader X code was causing a problem with natspeak.exe and preventing it from properly accessing Acrobat Reader X.

3. Since this first started occurring, Adobe Systems has released an update patch for Acrobat Reader X that updates it from version 10.0.0 two 10.0.1. This update patch appears to correct this problem. However, there is no guarantee that it will. So far, we are able to run Adobe Acrobat Reader X (10.0.1) under Windows 7 without this error occurring. However, we have not had this patch long enough to ascertain that it absolutely fixes the problem. Regardless, this is not a problem with VoicePower. On the other hand, Adobe Acrobat Reader X may not be the sole cause of this type of error. Any application window that prevents natspeak.exe from accessing or identifying an application window can cause this error.

4. If downloading and installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader X update patch to bring it up to 10.0.1 does not resolve the problem, then you may need to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader X. If you need a PDF reader application, we recommend Nitro PDF Reader, which you can obtain free at:

Nitro PDF Reader is not only free, it is a significantly better designed PDF reader with a much nicer user interface.

If you can’t resolve this error by virtue of any of the suggestions above, you need to attach a copy of your Dragon log for us to take a look at. Keep in mind that you cannot attach the Dragon log with the extension “log”. What you need to do is to drag and drop a copy of the Dragon.log file to your desktop and then change the extension so that the filename reads Dragon.txt. Then we will be able to review it. However, if you attach it to your response to this post as Dragon.log, we won’t be able to open it and view it. Keep in mind that the Dragon log is a standard ASCII/ANSI text file. The purpose of the extension *.log is solely for Nuance’s purpose is they have a log analyzer algorithm specifically designed for the Dragon log. We needed attached as Dragon.txt so that we can read it.

Keep us apprised of the results and whether or not you are able to resolve this using the above suggestions.

Steve et al.,

I have just discovered that the problem with Adobe Acrobat reader X is due to a conflict between Dragon’s RealSpeak 2.0 TTS engine (text-to-speech) and that Incorporated into Adobe Acrobat reader X. Accordingly, as stated previously, version 10.0.1 (Adobe Acrobat reader) update patch appears to resolve this problem. However, it could occur with other applications that use more current natural voice TTS engines. If you wish to continue to use Adobe Acrobat reader X and the update patch for 10.0.1 doesn’t resolve the issue, you can disable the Adobe Acrobat reader TTS engine, which will resolve the problem.

However, the purpose of this post is to let everyone know that the problem can occur with any application that uses a built-in TTS engine because Dragon’s TTS engine is RealSpeak 2.0 Jennifer (US English) and Jane (UK English). There are other TTS speakers for various international versions of DNS, but they are all still RealSpeak 2.0. The current version of RealSpeak (very expensive) sold separately as a standalone is 5.0 or greater. It is very likely that there may be more conflicts in the future because of the version of RealSpeak that is being used and the nature of some of the newer natural voices TTS engines.

This is just a heads up for everyone. If you try any of these options and you find that they work for you, please post what you did and what the consequent effect was.

Hi Chuck,

I have removed Adobe Acrobat reader X and then installed Nitro PDF Reader. As I remember now. I do believe I had a PDF file open at the time of the errors. I have had problems with Adobe reader before when using Word 2011, and did an uninstall of it at that time. Then of course Adobe installs again the next time you need to read a PDF.

I will keep you informed on how this goes now, and whether or not I receive any other errors. I will try to monitor what programs are open and in use. As I watch for other problems.

Thanks for all your help and I will keep you informed.

Steve et al.,

After further testing, Adobe Acrobat reader X still remains broken. Although it will work under most cases with the new version 10.0.1, it will cause some commands to fail with the “SendKeys…” error.

Therefore, my recommendation to everyone is do not install Adobe Acrobat Reader X. Also, if you uninstall it, you may still get the errors, that mostly involves the SDK relative to SendKeys instructions in line 1. This may require that you reboot your system in order to get rid of these. At minimum, you will have to exit Dragon NaturallySpeaking and relaunch it.

Another problem that I found with Adobe Acrobat reader X is that in some webpages and on some forums, the selection and correction commands will not display the Correction menu or the Spelling Window.

Shame on Adobe. Also, this problem does not appear to impact on DNS if you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro X. If anyone has a problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro X, please let us know.Chucker2011-02-25 07:24:53

Hi Chuck,

Shame on Adobe.

I have not had a problem since removing Adobe Reader.

Shame on Adobe.

Thanks for the help and advice.