Colour of numbers

I assume this would be really difficult to achieve, but it would be nice if the color of the numbers would automatically adjust to the background. I have problems reading the numbers against the dark background of the MS Word ribbon, for instance. I have changed the office theme to white which helps with the ribbon, but in the file menu in PowerPoint for instance, this makes no difference. The file menu there is dark red, and the intags are completely disguised. If I make the intags a different color or size to please one situation, it would create difficulties for another situation.

You could make the Intags a little bit bigger to make the numbers more visible.

With the current release, you need to restart VoiceComputer/Dragon in order to change the colors.
Also, you can create Overlays for the top level menu in PowerPoint and other programs.

Yes, but then in other programs they are too big – if there are too many tags close together.
But I did notice that if I make them less transparent, they stand out more against the background if the background is too similarly colored. So that’s good.


When you set up the colors for InTags do the following:

First, don’t change the transparency. The default is 20. Leave it where it is.

Second, choose the background as white.

Lastly, choose the font color as maroon.

Do it this way and the background underneath the numbers will always be white no matter what the background is in your application.

Chuck Runquist
Technical Project Manager
VoiceTeach, LLC