closing firefox tab window

I find that when try to close a firefox tabbed window by stating the intag# associated with the X to close it, the curser ends up about an inch or so to the left of the intag #. I can use “move mouse right” to get there, but, it would be a smoother experience if the curser went to the intag# direct. Any way to do that?

I seldom use Firefox but I’m not having this issue.

Try the ‘Close Tab’ command…

This appears to be a small oddity in Firefox particularly if you are using custom Windows scaling of 125 % and up. Firefox obviously uses some nonstandard controls compared to most other browsers like Chrome, IE or Edge. Speaking of which, it would probably be a better idea to use the latest Edge version which will be intagged just right.

However, there’s an easy workaround if you want to use Firefox. Since VoiceComputer effectively activates the target tab you could use an additional Dragon voice command right after the to close it:

Close Bar

SendKeys “{Ctrl+w}”

This is a DVC voice command which is much faster than the Advanced Scripting which would be:

SendKeys “^w”

(Notice the word “Bar” instead of “Tab” which is recognized much better by Dragon).

You can read more about the differences between DVC and Advanced Scripting here:

And here’s an Easy Guide to create DVC commands yourself:

Getting a bit more complex. You could also directly integrate this action in the VC displaynumbers.xml by adding the following (but be very sure to first copy the original file to a safe location so you can always restore it and restart speech in case of problems!):


Voice command examples would be:

“Close 3”, “Close 6” where would be a specific tab.

This would also work effectively in Edge, Chrome and several other browsers.