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Here is an extract from my Outlook 365 “New” screen. It shows the Intags plus Dragon choices 1 to 4 created by saying “Click box”. Why does Voicecomputer not populate all of the boxes?

Nimbargent2018-03-04 04:56:45

> Why does Voicecomputer not populate all of the boxes?

Your previous question sort of answered this

> there are times when a page becomes over cluttered in the extreme by Intags.

We don't populate every possible control because the screen might be overly cluttered most of the time.

Having said that, we need to keep tweaking the product to keep improving it.

We're thinking of going to a subscription model in order to pay for the continuous improvements.

In the meantime, you can use other commands, like 'tab 1' to move to the next field.

And, you can also use our Overlays.


In addition to Ron's reply, you could also try Internet Explorer for this particular webpage. The standard Intags tend to tag more menus and buttons in some cases.

Again, thank you, Rob. I am investing about a day a week (outside of client hours) in getting the workplace correct. Internet Explorer and Firefox have proven to be non-viable for me.

The totally stable and slick solution is as follows:

Use Google Chrome only
Switch off: Nuance Chrome plug-in (unstable) and necessitate frequent program restarts
Voicecomputer: always on
Speech Productivity (with own customisation): use for all typing, Hotkeys and productivity tools

Nimbargent2018-03-07 13:47:27