Chrome: selecting a menu by Voice, or clicking on it, only brings up the menu briefly

I have a problem with selecting a menu in Chrome. Both with menus in Chrome itself as in Google Drive.
For instance, I have a Google doc open. I want to go to “file”, “download”, or whatever.
When I navigate using numbers to ‘file’, the menu opens up briefly, but right away disappears again. It is impossible to select anything. The same happens when I then try to do it by mouse. Sometimes if I’m really really quick I manage to click in something. But most of the time I’m too late.
This does not happen if VoiceComputer is not running.

I’m using VC lite.
I have disabled the Chrome intag extension. With the extension on I had the same problem anyway.

This is making working in Google drive probably difficult for me…

I’m not seeing this with Google Docs. I can navigate through the menus with either the Chrome extension or with the extension turned off (Although, the menu is easier to navigate with the extension.)
To use the Chrome extension, you may need to issue an ‘Intag Window’ Command when you open a new tab.
Maybe Google Docs has a setting.that keeps the menus open. I’ll look for this.
Meanwhile, Google Drive is not an accessible application so you need to use our overlays for some of the screens. (Will be trying to make it accessible in our next major release.)

Additional comments:
I seldom use Google docs.
Upon further use, I find that,
I must have Google docs configured for sticky menus because they stay open even when I open and close Intags. (But, I can’t find a setting for this.)
The Intag menu and ‘Menu #’ commands work best. The Chrome extension commands don’t work as well. When using them, I often have to say the ‘toggle’ command.

Strangely enough I can activate the menus in Google Docs (which I never use either) by preceding the menu name with “click”. And now comes the strange part: I don’t even have the Dragon web extension installed. In my case, since it is detecting that my location is the Netherlands, commands would be “click Bestand”, “click Bewerken” etc.

By the way this (surprising) behavior occurs in the latest Microsoft Edge (I don’t use Chrome anymore).
VC Intags seem to work fine there as well. However, there may be a small exception. If Intags are in the middle of loading then you may get the behavior you are describing. Try saying “hide numbers” and then select the menu items again ( either by voice or manually).

Thank you for your help. It would certainly be nice if somehow VoiceComputer would work nicely in Google Drive and with Google Docs.
I tried the saying "click’, but that doesn’t make a difference.
The strange thing is that even when I’m not using voice I have trouble accessing the menus when VoiceComputer is running.
For instance, I have a Google doc open, I will say ‘file’. Half of the time the file menu gets selected but disappears immediately. Often the name of the doc gets selected.
And once this happens (it doesn’t always happen right away like that from the beginning), it will do the same thing even when I click with the mouse on ‘file’.
If the file menu does remain open, sometimes the first time I’m trying it, I still can’t do anything with it. Giving voice commands for anything in the menu won’t work, and asking for numbers will also not work.

Once the situation occurs, I cannot click on anything and make it to stay open. Nor chrome settings, nor the bookmark menu; anything that I click on will right away disappear.

However,I could create an overlay, and that worked. I have questions about overlays, but that will come another time!

We’ve tested on several manchines and are not experiencing your problem.
So, my guess is that there has to be a setting for ‘sticky menus’ or similiar item. But, I can’t find it.

Try accessing Google Docs in Microsoft Edge or other browser.

And finally, use Word if you can and avoid Google Docs since Dragon doesn’t support it.

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried Edge and I did not experience the problem , so that’s good.

Yes, I always use MS Word for creating new documents. But I have to use Google drive and Google docs a lot to work with colleagues and edit documents.

I noticed that I have the same problem in MS PowerPoint, with menus disappearing too quickly. I have sent you a video through email.

The Intags work in menus but don’t work in drop-down boxes.

The workaround is to use our Toggle commands or to temporarily close the Intags while you navigate through the drop-down list. (See ‘Show Navigation Commands’)
We document this in our Intag lesson and Intag command list:

Intags are very powerful and useful but sometimes they can be too much of a good thing!

Intags interfering with your work? Say, Toggle for <5, 10, 20> to close Intags for approximately 5, 10 and 20 seconds and then reopen them.

Intags interfering with your work? Say, Close Intags. To reopen them, say, Intag that / Intag Window.