Chrome Reverting to First Tab When Switching to Another Window

Since I have started using VoiceComputer, I’ve encountered an issue where, when I switch from Chrome to another window, and then back to Chrome, Chrome has reverted to the first tab. For example, if I am on the 4th tab of Chrome, and switch to QuickBooks, when I switch back to Chrome, it has reverted to the first tab, rather than the tab I was using. Is there any solution for this?

Not seeing this.
What commands are you using to switch back and forth?
Are you using multiple monitors (which shouldn’t make any difference)?

I usually use the taskbar commands (task 1-20) to switch.
Note: The taskbar should be configured so that the taskbar icons are not combined: Start Menu > Control Panel > Taskbar and Navigation > Taskbar buttons > Never Combine)

Ron, I’m using the task commands for the taskbar when switching back and forth. I’m using only a single monitor. It doesn’t happen every time, but seems more often than not.

There’s nothing in the code that should do this so I don’t know what would cause it. However, I’ll keep asking clients whether they’ve seen this problem.