Chrome problems at 3840x2160

I have upgraded my monitor to 3840x2160.

The Menu Intags appear in the wrong locations. Chrome Intags and Task Intags are perfect. Also, all Menu items click in the wrong place, e.g. click Index clicks the refresh button. Any ideas, please?

By way of a postscript, I don’t think that this is an Intag problem. The Intags show the voice-activated click positions which are incorrect. The Intag mappings for other applications appear to be quite correct. So this is a Google Chrome problem.

Does everything line up if you set Chrome’s zoom setting to 100%?

I have a different problem with Google Chrome, ever since I started using the VoiceComputer extension I have never had the numbers in my menu bar/shortcut bar all the numbers start in the webpage. See attached picture. What can I do to get the numbers in my menu/shortcut bar?

Also, what can I do to get the background transparency less for Google Chrome? It is difficult to see the numbers depending on what the background is. I changed it in VoiceComputer configuration, and it worked great for my standard numbers, but not the Chrome numbers.

Thank you, Ron. No the Chrome Zoom makes no difference to the Menu size or the placement of the Intags. In fairness, I think that your program is following a Chrome defect and placing the Intags where the click x would land.

I agree but we'll try to duplicate this and figure out if we can do something.
If VoiceComputer were misplacing Intags within Chrome, then that clearly would be an issue with our Chrome extension. - Some users have seen this by zooming Chrome with various resolutions.
But, Intags basically numbers the menus as it finds them.

One note: The Chrome extension is a specialized tool. It was developed in order to let us make previously inaccessible (proprietary) Intranet sites accessible through customization. It does a great job of this.
But, because of this, the extension has a complex interaction with VoiceComputer (and Dragon).

The Chrome extension usually works quite well for general applications, such as Gmail. But, because of its complexity, it can run into problems with multiple tabs, etc., etc.,

The bottom line is that if you're using Chrome as a general purpose browser and you have issues with our Chrome extension, it's best to try another browser.

RonK2018-03-27 12:27:31

Thank you, Ron.

It is nothing to do with the Intag Extension.

I have mapped the landing point in the following contrived example:

I think that the Intags map to the landing points. So it’s not Intags that are wrong but Chrome (or Windows).

I think I may have figured out the problem… If you scale your screen at 125% or anything else other than 100% the menu numbers don’t match, instead they go to where the link was for 100%.

Thank you, dbassman, you are correct. Well done!

But, strangely, this irregularity appears to affect only the Google Chrome menu. As far as I can see, the menus on other programs are positioned correctly in respect of the scaling.

Now I know that the problem is not an idiosyncrasy of my setup.

Of course, for this monitor size, 100% (Windows scaling accessed through Settings) gives a ridiculously small text for the menu and taskbar, and the recommended scaling is 150%.

A competitor to Voicecomputer users flushing placements to indicate the click target position, and that suffers from exactly the same problem.

I have received prepared some workarounds so the loss of the Intagged Chrome menu is not a serious blow.

Goodness knows why the Google menu is different from all other menus in this respect.

have received prepared some workarounds so the loss of the Intagged Chrome menu is not a serious blow.

VoiceComputer has quite a few Chrome menu commands, including, Go Back, Address Bar, Chrome Menu, Switch to tab <1-8>.

To view these commands say, Show Chrome Commands and then page down
Thank you, Ron. I think that with your help here and with the provision of the alternative commands, the incorrect placement of the Intags ought not to be a great problem.

There are many reasons why a user would upgrade to 4K UHD: it producers a far better user experience. However, in upgrading to 4K UHD it is almost essential to change the scaling, otherwise the menus and icons are tiny and eye-challenging.

Since my recent upgrade I have come across four pieces of software which are unable to accommodate fully this upgrade. For instance, the clickless mouse software, Nib & McNib is rendered completely non-functional and I have so far been unable to contact their support. A number of legacy programs are going to die.

Good news! I switch the computer on this morning and for the first time ever, the Google Chrome Intags are placed correctly. There must have been a Chrome update.

The problem was precisely the same with Knowbrainer (which I have but do not ordinarily use), so it never was an Intag only problem. Anyway, it is nice when things are self-resolving.

<div id=“updateStatusMessage” style=“color: rgb33, 33, 33; font-family: Roboto, “Segoe UI”, Tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;”>Google Chrome is up to date
<div =“secondary” style=“color: var–cr-secondary-text_-_color; font-family: Roboto, “Segoe UI”, Tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;”>Version 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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Thanks for the update! Hard to say how long it would’ve taken me to figure that out! LOL!