Chrome Numbers

In your help pages for ‘Show Chrome Commands’ it says "you can open the extension by saying ‘super numbers’ or by pressing the alt + "’"key (key with the ‘~’. I presume that this is for the US keyboard as on the UK keyboard the ‘~’ is above the ‘#’, and this is the key to press.



We plan some significant enhancements to the Chrome extension in the next month or so…


The voice commands to display the numbers in Google Chrome are:

(1) Say “show numbers”

(2) Say “show chrome numbers”

(3) To number anything above the webpage in the menu/address bar, say “show menu numbers”

Just FYI.

Addendum: Viv, if you use the alt key plus the key on the UK keyboard that contains the “~”, does this work for you? Just curious.

Also, anyone who is using DNS 13 and Google Chrome may run into a problem with Gmail. DNS 13 adds a brand-new Web Extension. It may or may not be the case, but it seems as though the Dragon Web Extension Re: Gmail creates a conflict with Chrome numbers assigned to the “Compose” button. Because DNS 13 with the new Web Extension makes Google Chrome and Firefox Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) enabled, our Chrome extension and the Dragon Web Extension may be beating each other up. I say this because saying the number assigned to the “Compose” button doesn’t seem to want to execute, but the Dragon command in DNS 13 for “Click Compose” does work. Just a point of note.Chucker2014-08-11 08:30:41