Chrome intag menu

I was using Voicecomputer Lite 2019 on Google chrome with my previous computer. I was very happy with it. I just changed my computer, I installed the extension, and the intag menu command does not work correctly anymore: the tags displayed do not correspond to the menu anymore, they are put on the main page (as with the show intag command).
I tried to uninstall and reinstall the extension, it doesn’t change anything. Has this extension been updated since the two years of my first installation?
Thanks for your help

Hi Julien,

Sorry, but the only good solution is to upgrade to our newly released VC 2021 which uses our built-in Intags instead of the Chrome extension.

To make a long story short…
Since Chrome was updated a year ago, there have been three issues with Chrome in our VC 2017-2020 releases.
Chrome is now accessible so the built-in Intags will number the page (as does the extension).
With patience, you can make it work, but, when the Intags are used with high-resolution monitors, the built-in Intags will almost always be displayed, (Instead of or in addition to the Chrome extension.), so then it gets really confusing.
Our prior releases have a configuration setting that is supposed to turn off the Chrome extension but it doesn’t work (We didn’t know this because we couldn’t really test since our built-in Intags didn’t work with Chrome.)

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t understand, on both computers I have the same version of Google Chrome (91.0.4472.124). If it was a question of Google chrome version, the intag menu function should not work on my old computer. However, I just checked today, this function still works, and never gave me any problem, I used it every day since 2019 until last week.