Chrome extension

A new user emailed me an issue:

> I have found, however, that if I say "Intags menu" everything gets numbered.

Understood. You must have a UHD monitor (resolution of 3840x2160).

Google Chrome released a new version a few months ago that changed how Chrome works with UHD monitors. (Google doesn't give a damn about backward compatibility.)

This changed how our Intags work and we hope to release a major update to our Chrome extension in a month. We hired a programmer to work on our new version that's being released in the next few days, but we have to wait until our lead programmer has time to recode our Chrome extension in the coming weeks.

When you're using a UHD monitor and say, "Intag Menu" in Chrome, you are activating our 'normal' Intags.
Everything is numbered, both the website and the top-level menu. At first glance, this seems great, but the problem is that this greatly slows down how the Intags refresh on the website.

When you're using a UHD monitor and say, "Intag Window" in Chrome, you're activating our Chrome extension AND how VoiceComputer communicates with our Chrome extension.
But then, you're having another problem. When you activate our Chrome extension, the Intag icon in Chrome is turning blue, which indicates that the communication between VoiceComputer and the extension is being broken.

The best workaround may be to lower the resolution of your monitor until we release a new version of our Chrome extension.