Chrome Extension

Hello Chuck and Ron,

I’ve tried the Chrome extension And it definitely captures more links and buttons then the standard ‘click link’ command. However it only works for the first 4 or 5 numbers I speak, after that I get the ‘please say that again’ message in Dragon’s result box. In a split second just before that message I can see that the number initially was being recognized…
When I issue the ‘show numbers’ command again the numbers respond, again for a couple of times only. Is this one of the issues that you are working on in the new version?

For now I’m using the following command to keep show numbers refreshing all the time and now it keeps on working (although the constant refreshing of the numbers is kind of tiresome to my eyes):


HeardWord “click”, _arg1
Wait 1000
HeardWord “show”, “numbers”


At some point we will be updating the Chrome Extension. Because of the requirements of Google Chrome, we have to create a Chrome extension that will go in the Chrome store. We are aware of the current issues with regard to the "InTag numbers" version 6.61.

We'll let everybody know when this is done. However, for the time being everybody will just have to live with refreshing by using either your technique or simply saying "click show numbers" (Dragon options settings to always require click) or "show numbers" if those options are disabled. I preferred to disable the two require click options in the Dragon Options | Commands tab because you can always proceed any command by saying "click", but most of the time you don't have to.


We're hoping to release a new version of the Chrome extension any day now but it doesn't fix the problems that you're experiencing because we cannot duplicate the problems on any of our development machines.

Chuck has some problems on his computers intermittently so he will continue to supply us with log files until we can track down the problem.