Chrome and Gmail settings

Should I be leaving Gmail with basic HTML as a default?
My second question is, other than 100% zoom, are there any other settings on chrome I should be aware of in order to most efficiently use the VC extension? I saw the segment on basic HTML for Gmail within the VC instructions, but not general settings for chrome.

For example, I had to open Firefox in order to paste this message into this forum. For some reason, I have some setting going on chrome that won’t let me copy paste into the voice computer forums.


Can you give us a little more detail on what you’re trying to copy and from where, as well as how.

I looked at all the settings in Google Chrome and there’s nothing that I can see that would facilitate copying and pasting if you can’t currently do it.

Are you using the current version of Gmail? I think the latest version automatically defaults to HTML. However, I’m not as familiar with Gmail as I am with Outlook, which is what I use.

I am now able to immediately paste a message into the quick reply of this forum. I am not sure why I could not do that before. Any ideas?
But, the most important thing I am asking is if there are preferred Chrome settings to most productively use DNC and VC.
Gmail is auto updated. Mine definitely does not default to the basic HTML mode. It works fine the other way. Should I be defaulted to basic HTML where the links are hypertexted? What about Chrome? Is there a HTML format that I need to set?
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Even though Google chrome has an extensive number of settings, there are no settings that you need to adjust Re: DNS and VoiceComputer to make both work more productively in Chrome. 75% of the settings are personal preference settings vs. adjusting anything that would be required by DNS or VoiceComputer for greater productivity or functionality.

The only consideration with regard to VoiceComputer and Google chrome is that you can only multitask (i.e., work in one application while using the Chrome extension in Google Chrome side-by-side with such applications without having to switch out of your working application, which we call the master and which is positioned on the left side of your screen, is to ensure that Google Chrome is your default browser. Otherwise, if Google Chrome is not your default browser, then the multitasking commands in VoiceComputer for use with the Chrome extension are not available.