Changing VP Screen Grid 0,0 from top left to bottom left?


Whilst I really like the VP Screen Grid mouse commands I’m having difficulty adjusting to the X,Y coordinates starting with 0,0 at top left - rather than bottom left as with normal graphs that I’m used to working with.

I’m wondering if perhaps there might be an easy way to change this via editing an *.ini or *.xml somewhere?

Here’s hoping some expert user has faced the same challenge and found a resolution to my :crazy_face: overload as a new VP user. :upside_down_face:

“Down Under” Auzzie Barney Blue!

I’ll look at this. Don’t think that editing the ini or xml files would work.
But, we may be able to change the app so that the 0,0 would be at bottom left…

Hi RonK,

Thanks for taking up the challenge. :grinning:

It might be a regional thing and normal to use the top left for across and down in the USA. However, with my UK technical background and now in my late 50’s - thinking graphically in X, Y terms from the bottom left is way easier to compute without a thought.

I suspect others may be similar and would also welcome such an option for all the mouse commands. In some situations these are still very useful as an adjunct to VP’s brilliant Intags.

Best regards,
“Down Under” Auzzie Barney Blue!

Personally, recording from the top left is correct.
Programs like Snagit, Macrorecorder etc. all set co-ordinates from the top left.
If this was to change, can it please be an option. I would stick as is.
Sorry to counter argue Barney Blue!

No probs Pazza and thanks for the advice re two programs which I have not yet needed to use regularly. I certainly agree - and have always envisaged that any such change, if implemented, should be both optional and easily configurable. Clearly we each use VP’s many features differently. :smiley:

Hi BarneyBlue,
I’m not going to be able to implement this change because it would take a lot of time.
There is the screen grid and literally thousands of commands. And then we have commands for the primary mouse button to be configured left or right, for 2 monitors, for 3 monitors…
I like this idea and I’m surprised that I didn’t create this option when I originally programmed it 20 years ago.
As good an idea as this is, you’re the only one who’s requested this change in all that time.
But, you’re still right.

Hi RonK,
I appreciate you considering this change. Given the implications for you, and that I’m the only one requesting, I think your decision makes sense. I can well appreciate how implementation would be time consuming. If others have adapted over those 20 years - then so must I. :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards,
“Down Under” Barney Blue! :upside_down_face: