changing command path

when I say the command “show my documents” the window shows a different library than the one that I would like. How do I change the path? Specifically (C: users/admin/documents) to (C: users/admin/dropbox/documents)

Go to your documentsvoicecomputertags directory and copy the tags.xml file to another directory so you have it as a backup in case anything goes wrong in the next steps.

Open the tags.xml file

and look for

This is the default 'My Documents' directory.

Replace "_MYDOCS" with the full path of the new directory you want, making certain you keep the quotes, as in this example:

Save the file and issue the Show My documents command and it'll display the new directory.

We don't do any syntax checking for this file so VoiceComputer will crash if you accidentally delete a quote, have an extra quote or have another syntax error.
Just replace the file with the backup you made and try again.

The tags.xml file lets you create your own commands for network drives, etc.

What is the purpose of the_before the command?

When I invoke the command “show my favorites” there is not a numbered item for my documents. I thought that this was where I could create a tag for the most used document folders? I was able to get the “show my documents” command to open the correct window, but it does not go far enough. It stops at the library for “admin” and all of the folders in that category. In fact now that I look at it further, it doesn’t even display the dropbox folder. This is how I pasted the command in tags.XML folder(_C:UsersadminDocumentsVoiceComputerTagstags.xml). What did I do wrong?

Ron, I apologize for the previous post. Here is the command line that I changed in the tags folder.

I have tried adjusting it 3 times and they get the same result each time.

Please send me the tags.xml file and I’ll see if I can find the problem.

You should be able to create tags for DropBox folders on your local drive.