Can't insert number in overlays

I recently started having trouble with inserting new numbers in overlays. I say “function 13” and Dragon recognizes it, but not as a command, and nothing happens. PF 13 also doesn’t work. Suggestions?< id=“plugin0” =“application/x-dgnria” width=“0” height=“0” style=": ; : 1000">< name=“tabId” value=“22”>

Are any of the function key commands working. If not, heck to see if the Global commands, set 2 are enabled.
If they are enabled, check that the global2.xml commands are in your
DocumentsVoiceComputerCommandsCustom directory.

Thanks, Ron. The XML file was missing. I copied a version from a backup, and now it’s working. That version is dated 3/30/2014. Does that sound right?


That worked OK because that is the current XML file. However, in the future don’t rely on your backup copy of any particular XML file being current.

The best approach is to go to “configure VoiceComputer” | 2 open, simply uncheck and recheck “Global Commands: Set 2”, click or say OK, and restart VoiceComputer and Dragon (i.e., restart speech). That will ensure that you have the current XML file loaded. Note that you should also see “Configuring VoiceComputer” when you restart VoiceComputer/Dragon. You should make that a habit in any case where you are having problems with VoiceComputer settings and/or XML files.

Also, we designed VoiceComputer to cover just about any issue relative to startup and command configuration. Use the program (i.e., Startup/Shutdown utility) to reconfigure VoiceComputer. I’ve seen this occur with a number of users particularly when they update to the most current version of VoiceComputer. Because it’s necessary to run the “configure VoiceComputer” to reset your VoiceComputer settings, I have seen users forget to check (i.e., enable) important or necessary commands. However, that being said, those two global XML options are automatically enabled by default. If one of them isn’t in the folder that Ron mentions, then the likelihood is that restarting VoiceComputer didn’t properly configure itself. Always look for the information screens that VoiceComputer puts up Re: configuring VoiceComputer & restoring your backup configurations. If you don’t see them on restart or when you import your VoiceComputer configuration files, recheck everything.Chucker2014-05-29 07:51:05

Okay. Thanks, Chuck. It’s helpful to understand more about what’s happening under the hood.
I do my best to use VoiceComputer for restarting, etc. Occasionally there’s a crash, though.
I think I understand from your message that I should see the little message that VoiceComputer is configuring whenever I restart VoiceComputer. Is that right? Also, does that include whenever I choose to shut down computer from the VoiceComputer menu?

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