Cannot launch Intags

I use a billing program called Timeslips. I was able to use Intags with it. It would launch with the command “show overlay.” When that command did not work today, I tried "my Intags."

Nothing happened. I would get a message next to green microphone to consider using "open dictation box."

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much.


Trionalaw2015-03-16 10:35:54

Try restarting VoiceComputer. (Commands are “Show Overlay”, “Show My Intags”)

Thanks, Ron,

As usual, your advice worked.

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Just as an addendum to what Ron said in his post, this type of problem can happen with any application. It isn’t unique to VoiceComputer. It can happen with Dragon, it can happen with Microsoft Office applications, yada yada yada.

Standard rule of thumb in all cases is to close and reopen the application. In the case of VoiceComputer, simply open the VoiceComputer Control Center and select “restart speech”.


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