Cannot get my numbers to function in application

I have an application for billing called “Timeslips.” I set up several numbers with the function 13 command. However, when I switch back into it I cannot get the numbers back up. The automatic in tags show up but not where I want them.




The automatic Intags and My Intags (Overlays) are two separate technologies.

Use the Show My Intags or Show Overlay commands to display the Overlays.


Ron answered your basic question concerning the issue that you were experiencing. Just to add a smidgen to this post, Intags, when turned on, will number accessible objects in a page, window, or application. However, when this occurs where you have created overlays, you don’t have to close the Intags, just say “show overlay” or “show my Intags”. Issuing that command will shutdown the Intag numbering and open the overlay numbering.

One tip to keep in mind, and this goes for everyone using VoiceComputer 13.5.80, when creating overlays, make sure that you set the screen size and location where you want it before you create an overlay. My Intags is designed to make sure that the overlay numbers that you create will always associate with the proper location on the screen by capturing and saving the screen size and position. You can always modify that by deleting all your overlays and re-creating them with a different screen size and location. But a little bit of thought and planning before hand will save you from having to undo a complex set of overlays.

Note that one of the problems with using Advanced Scripting with mouse position commands is that mouse position commands are not relative, they are absolute. We avoid this by setting the screen size and location when you create overlays. Whenever creating overlays, always think ahead in terms of what screen size and what screen location you want and set that up before creating overlays.