Cannot dictate directly into VoiceComputer

I’m setting up my commands to save, open files. When I get to the tag menu and dictate the title, the dictation box comes up. I dictate into it and then transfer it.

How do I change that?

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When dictating into the tag wizard, in DNS 12 it shows that the Full Text Control (Select-and Say) checkmark is grayed out. As far as VoiceComputer is concerned, having Full Text Control (Select-and Say) in this dialog isn’t necessary because you can dictate and/or correct without having to worry about Full Text Control (Select-and Say).

However, if you go to the DNS Options dialog | Miscellaneous tab and remove the checkmark from the “Use the Dictation Box for unsupported applications”, you will eliminate this problem and you’ll be able to dictate directly into the “Choose a phrase” box.

We don’t require Full Text Control (Select-and Say) in any of our text boxes because we handle dictation in those differently than Dragon does (i.e., we handle dictation in VoiceComputer quasi-independent of Full Text Control (Select-and Say). In other words, Full Text Control (Select-and Say) isn’t necessary.
This allows users (i.e., you) to be able to dictate words, phrases, or spell without switching modes without using the in-line spell command.

Regardless, there are two points to remember:

1. Because we don’t employ or require switching between modes in Dragon, we treat spelling and dictation differently. So, when you use the Dragon modes to spell into a Full Text Control (Select-and Say) window and you say “spell cap test”, VoiceComputer treats this as dictation (i.e., as an entire word). Therefore, in VoiceComputer text boxes the result is that you will get TEST vs. Test. So, it works a little differently. If you want “Test”, or any word with the first character capitalized, dictate the word by saying “cap test” rather than spell it by saying “cap t e s t”. If you make a mistake, you can always use the Dragon correction command(s).
2. Keep in mind that accuracy in spelling in VoiceComputer is dependent upon your speech model (Acoustic Model). In other words, accuracy and spelling is a Dragon issue even though VoiceComputer treats it as if you were dictating a word vs. spelling using the “spell commands” even though VoiceComputer treat
such as if you were dictating a word. Another way of looking at it is that VoiceComputer isn’t concerned with whether or not you’re spelling a word or dictating one. in treat spelling and dictation the same.
Chucker2013-01-09 18:24:07

As usual, Chucker:

Your advice was spot on. Problem solved.

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