Can you repeat a keypress?

So, it’s been a little while since I used DNS w/VoiceComputer… but I swear I remember being able to repeat a keystroke. For example “Press UpArrow five times”.

Am I remembering right, or is it just wishful thinking on my part? Embarrassed
Is that not something you can do?

It will do “Press UpArrow” just find. If I add the “five times”, it opens the dictation window and types the whole phrase in there.

(btw, Win 7 prof, DNS 13 and VC 13)



The VoiceComputer commands are “move up #”, where #= 1-20, or “move down #” where #= 1-20.

You don’t want to say “five times” or “ten times” because that will produce the unwanted results that you were getting.

As Homer Simpson would say… DOH!Unhappy

I was searching for it first, but I was stuck on UpArrow… so I missed “move”.