Can I display numbers on the taskbar icons?

The other day, I was displaying numbers and somehow, I think they showed up on the taskbar icons like they do with SpeechStart. I looked in the VoiceComputer help, but found nothing.

They do show up but I think that the better and faster alternative is to use “Show Open Windows” - This lets you switch to, switch to and position (on up to three monitors) and even close apps on the list.


Thanks for the clarification. How, then, do I get them to show up on the taskbar? What is the command? Thanks.


Display Numbers depends on where the focus is, particularly on the desktop. If the focus is on the taskbar, then Display Numbers will number anything on the taskbar. At the present time VoiceComputer doesn’t have a command to switch to the Windows taskbar.

On the other hand, VoiceComputer has variations, some of which are more practical. Ron has pointed to “show open windows”, which I too recommend.

Okay. I see how that works. But basically, I see that if I create a command to click on the taskbar and then display numbers, I’m able to use that functionality just as I would with SpeechStart.