Can Files be deleted

When I look at my directory I see that there are various VoicePower Ultimate.msi files in my c:windowsuserusernameappdatalocaldownloaded installations directory going back to May 2010. I've uninstalled Voice Power before each new installation. These are taking up quite a bit of space and I was wondering if it is possible to delete any. I've attached an image of my file structure. My guess is I can't delete the most recent entry, but was wondering about the others.


Don't delete the most recent entry but delete all the other files!

These are just files left over from the installation.

All VoicePowerVoiceComputer users should clean out these old files. - They waste a lot of space.
I'll look at InstallShield. It must have an option to delete these files after you uninstall an old release.

Great news - it was about 5gb total.